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Our welcoming studio brings together class and functionality, with a touch of pampering. Customer service combined with a warm and friendly atmosphere are of utmost importance to staff and members alike, and each person is welcomed with a smile.

It all started when...

A Bethesda-native Mom of four, Elisabeth Ostler, set out to build her vision for our community. She envisioned a meeting place where good health, food, fitness and local connections thrived. Hence, IGNITE was born. 

Meet our team


Elisabeth Ostler Jessica Horwitz

Natasha Ponomarenko Base Trice

Jessica Rebarber Lara Harvey

Mark Carr


Nancy Batson Michelle Amano

Akidah Felder


The Trifecta of IGNITE is at the heart of what makes our family so successful at changing their outlooks, their bodies and their lives. We bring together three comprehensive levels of support to help you reach your goal:

  • Unique and exciting (and HIGHLY effective, we don't mess around) fitness classes

  • Health Challenge community (macro balanced eating/IIFYM (‘If It Fits Your Macros’)/flexible dieting plus weigh-ins)

  • Individual coaches (for accountability, expert knowledge and support) 

In order to change your body, you used to have to sign-up at the local gym and motivate yourself to go find some weights to lift or spend endless hours doing cardio in a room filled with blank stares by gym snobs. THEN, if you were really serious, you'd have to find a "diet plan" or local "weight loss center" and join that program too. Either buy their packaged foods or start their program, learning nothing about what to eat or why, and off you go. And finally, you would have to self-motivate, ask friends or google answers to questions about this article you read or what that co-worker told you to do, just to create the right support and accountability network. Well, we were tired of the lack-luster results, cyclical-dieting and people needing to run around to several places and providers just to try to live a healthier life. Instead, we are taking boutique fitness to the next level. 

We've gathered together an offering of classes that no other gym or fitness studio offers or could offer. When deciding the types of classes we would provide, we wanted nothing but the absolute best. Unique Instructors that would support and inspire our members to love fitness like never before and leave them thirsty for more. We then combined that with our results driven, group support-based Challenge program. It's not just about fitness and it's not just about fitness nutrition; IGNITE is about supporting you over the hurdles in order to get to your best self possible. It's like your own intimate cheering section to help change your diet and your fitness level- ready and anxious to see you succeed. With buddies that are exactly where you are. Do you make excuses about why you don't have time to get to the gym? Your IGNITE Family will help you stay accountable. Do you self-sabotage your diet when stressed? We'll help you create a wellness strategy to navigate past that. 

Your First Class

  • Eat a snack about 45 minutes before class consisting of carbs and protein.

  • Bring a bottle of water and wear comfortable fitness clothes and shoes.

  • Arrive 5 minutes before the start of class, but please no earlier (flow of traffic in parking lot).

  • Let the instructor know about any limitations or injuries you may have.

  • Exercise should not be painful. Stop and let the instructor know if it is.

  • Go at your own pace, take a water break as needed.


  • Class registration is strongly encouraged at least two hours in advance. Classes are subject to change and prior registration will ensure you are notified of any changes. This also reserves your place in class.

  • To be courteous to our instructors, your place in class is confirmed (debited from your account) 12 hours prior to class

  • If you have a gift certificate or special offer, please email us.

  • After class, please return any equipment you used back to its storage rack.

  • Chilled mineral water is provided for free, you may bring a bottle from home or opt to purchase one of ours.

  • Please leave your purse at home or in your vehicle, IGNITE is not responsible for your valuables.

Download our app!

Download our app!

Our Pricing

Group Fitness Membership Options

FIRE Membership – Unlimited Classes - $130/month

SPARK Membership – 8 Classes/Month – Extra Classes $10/class - $89/month

EMBER Membership – 4 Classes/Month – Extra Classes $12/class - $59/month

*Auto-debited monthly. Can switch levels as needed. First and final month payment made at enrollment. Re-enrollment fee of $100 after a cancellation. SPARK and EMBER members can bring a guest to their 8 or 4 classes per month. Same guest can come no more than once per 6 months and must live in the area.

  • Single Pass $24

  • 5 Class Pass $90

  • 10 Class Pass $170

  • 15 Class Pass $240

  • 20 Class Pass $310

  • 30 Class Pass $420

  • BodyStat BodyScan $45

  • Individual Coaching: $160 initial session (includes Bodyscan)

  • Individual Personal Training Sessions: $85- $125/hour

  • Health Challenge $289 includes FIRE privileges (new clients only), $179 for current members (does not include classes, membership or passes required), $99 for return challengers

*New client special includes unlimited classes. Small Group, one-on-one training, nutrition coaching and ‘total wellness’ packages available.

Personal Training, Nutrition & Wellness Coaching:

Learn more about our personal training and nutrition coaching options.