Project 4907

For the duration of this challenge and beyond - Ignite will be your new home. Our approach is straight forward, we focus on fitness and nutrition made simple in order to coach you towards your desired results. 

Here we help you:

  • End cyclical dieting

  • Learn balanced fitness nutrition

  • Learn why your body doesn't process all calories the same

  • Stop labeling foods "bad" (Black and White food categorizing)

  • Develop a clearer understanding of how your body functions, biologically and when/how it breaks down food

  • Create a healthy relationship with sugar/carbs/fats/fried foods, etc

What's In The Challenge?

  • Individual meeting and weigh-in with master trainer and our IGNITE founder to get personalized macro goals and fitness nutrition plan for new participants

  • 3 group meetings: 1 introduction to the nutrition plan, 1 mid-point check-in to explore the science behind the program, and 1 end of Challenge Celebration

  • Individual weigh-ins weekly

  • Group support + coaching

  • Individual accountability commitment with weekly check-ins

A special thanks to our partners for their dedication to promoting wellness in our community!

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