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HYPE, which stands for Harnessing Your Powerful and Protective Energy, is a self defense class taught by Lisa Owen, a black belt in Tae Kwon Do. See below for pricing options and more information. 


Workshop Packages*

Packages are priced for individuals. For group pricing, see below.

1 session  - $110

This initial session is designed to offer an overview of essential self-defense strategies. From social skills and awareness to effective defensive maneuvers, the goal of this workshop is to deliver the basic knowledge necessary to confidently manage potentially dangerous situations.  


3 sessions - $280 - save $50

Form a more comprehensive understanding with follow-up sessions to review skills, build confidence, and discuss specific scenarios one may encounter. Students will reinforce the basics learned in the first session and begin to take them further in discussion of real life applications.  


5 sessions - $400 - save $150

Take this five-session masterclass for an advanced study of HYPE concepts and continue to develop physical ability to incapacitate and escape an attacker. Discussions will center around developing self-confidence and trusting your judgment and intuition along with the knowledge you have acquired so far.



For each participant, an additional fee per person per session is added to the individual rate above.

2-4 attendees - $65 per person additional per session

5-9 attendees - $55 per person additional per session

10-15 attendees - $45 per person additional per session


*Session pricing covers one participant. For groups, add the rate per person per session to the package price above. For groups of more than 15, please contact welcome@laehfles.com for special event pricing.

Lisa O teaches local students some fundamentals of Harnessing Your Powerful and Protective Energy in a HYPE class on April 23, 2017.
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